Available Animals

Blacky.  This 6 month old cutie is such a cutie.

Please Donate, it truly does make a difference! We can only continue to save with contributions.

  • Blacky is the 1st save for our new organization and we can't be happier to have him.  He came from The Animal Foundation and was on the transfer list due to him being parvo exposed.  


Our Mission

  • Saving animals and educate the public on how to properly take care of their animals. Spay & Neuter to help stop the over population here in Clark County, NV and vaccinations that can save not only their pet, but any animal they come in contact with. Little Miss Macy was not spayed and developed mammary tumors and lost the battle with cancer.  Spay & Neuter SAVES LIVES!!


Stop Backyard Breeders!!!

  • If you see something, say something!  June 2019, 42 dogs were confiscated that were all exposed to the PARVO VIRUS. Rescues all came together to save as many as they could.  We encourage the public to "speak up" if they know something.